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The core of Ravi Shankar's music has always been the spirituality, which instantly touches the listener. It was 77 years ago that Ravi Shankar first came to this country. Since then, this musical messiah has worked tirelessly to take the great music of his country to every corner of the earth.
In 1985, when Ravi Shankar received his doctorate from Cal Arts, the citation read, "Ravi Shankar, musician to the world" whose rare genius has opened the ears and minds of millions to the wondrous aesthetic of India's ancient musical tradition - adored musical ambassador whose incomparable artistry has created bridges of understanding among the peoples of the earth."

Ravi Shankar has been honored with more than 14 honorary doctorates from all over the world including Harvard and New England Conservatory, and became the first Regent's Professor in the Department of Music at the University of California, San Diego. He has also received India's highest honor the ‘"Bharat Ratna", the Praemium Imperiale from Japan, and the Polar Music Prize from Sweden, referred to as the Nobel prize of music, Commandeur de la Legion d'Honneur, the highest French civilian award, Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth and many more. He has tirelessly been performing, teaching, composing and touring for more than 75 years.

The Ravi Shankar Foundation was established in 1997. Ravi Shankar has donated all his prize money and has performed several fund raising concerts to benefit the Foundation. The Foundation has helped to build a Centre in Delhi with a beautiful atmosphere where a very few, extremely talented and hardworking students are introduced to the age-old tradition of the Gurukul System of learning. The Foundation has also sponsored students from the US, who have been learning from Mr. Shankar, to go to the Centre, where they have had the opportunity to experience living, practicing and breathing in the aura of music under the guidance of the Guru in an Indian atmosphere. The Centre is also a venue for informal and intimate Indian music and dance performances and art exhibitions.

The Ravi Shankar Foundation was established not only to collect, document and archive the vast works of Ravi Shankar, which are fragmented all around the world, but also to commit to posterity the artistic and creative energy that this unique musician has still to offer.

The Ravi Shankar Foundation would like to serve as a resource center for researching classical Indian music and archiving the works of Ravi Shankar and other masters. It is our dream to have a building here in California with facilities such as a library, classrooms, reading room and art gallery, to provide a forum for collaboration with other institutions and for facilitating study courses, conferences, seminars, lectures and research in the arts. The Foundation would also like to have an educational arm, which will include a scholarship program and an outreach program to encourage students to explore world music and performing arts. The Foundation would also like to invite Cultural leaders, scholars, scientists and creative artists in the field of music, dance, drama, art and literature to participate in the exchange of ideas and collaborative effort to expand the movement towards multicultural art.

This is our earnest request to all our friends and well-wishers, to join us in this dedication to awaken the consciousness of people, to help towards the preservation of the diversity of cultures and richness of their arts, and the aesthetic and ancient traditions of the past and present. The dream is to support the freedom of artistic creativity and to help in the collaboration and exploration of world music, performing arts and literature and work for Universal Peace and Harmony.

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